Saturday, 19 November 2011

Snow Fall

It snowed the other day, November 18th, to be exact. It was the first heavy snowfall of winter. Big, fluffy snow flakes falling from the sky, blanketing the ground and anything else they landed on. It was very beautiful. After all these years, I still see the beauty in this. However, I don't think I've ever seen the beauty in shoveling snow.

Beautiful as it was, the snow fell too early for me. I prefer it to remain snow-less until after my birthday, on the 21st of November. It didn't snow on the day I was born. Instead, there was a significant hoar frost. It snowed on my second day of breathing. I know this because my father has told me this story many times. Usually around my birthday. This story reminds me to remember those important moments in life. Pay attention, try to set them in the stone of my memory. Make them last, so I can treasure them later.

I remember the days and details when my children were born. I tell them what their birth day was like, and I will continue to tell them. I will remind them, as my father reminded me, to remember what is important in life.

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