Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Crescent Moon Mob & C4 Con

I spent the weekend at the local C4 Comic Con and had a great time! It seemed like this year was the busiest the Con has ever been. I had a great time meeting new friends and catching up with old friends. I loved seeing all the costumed attendees.

Although I was quite busy taking in the sights and talking to a lot of people, I did have time to do some art. Some of the pieces were for fan sketchbooks--always a lot of fun to do. My overly ambitious plans of painting a few pieces in acrylic or watercolor, did not really come to fruition. I did finish one piece though. This one is a combination of ink and aquarelle water color pencil. One of these characters appeared in an earlier sketchbook of mine. I wasn't sure what to call them, but I settled on the "Crescent Moon Mob," for now.

Thanks for stopping by.

Art is © Chris Chuckry

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