Friday, 29 August 2008

Illustration Friday - "Routine."

"By the looks of this rain, today's commute will definitely not be routine, Monsieur Lapin decided, as he continued on to his little shop."

I think this guy needs a story. I'll have to see where he takes me.

This is for the most recent Illustration Friday challenge on the theme of "routine." I wanted to try some loose pencil lines with watercolor style painting. Not real watercolors though, since this is finished in adobe Photoshop. I love this type of illustration. Lisbeth Zwerger and Greg Clarke are two of my favourite practitioners of this style.

This illustration is © Chris Chuckry

Friday, 22 August 2008

Illustration Friday - Detach

"Every night she would detach my heart from my head, with a smile."

I was a little too ambitious, and so, ran out of time for this week's Illustration Friday challenge. I hope to finish this piece one day soon, since I'm rather fond of it. My initial idea was to make it look like an old circus side show sign. However, that will have to wait until later. I do have a spot waiting for this piece in my portfolio, though. Maybe that will push me to finish it, before I'm distracted by the next shiny thing, forgetting about this one.

This was a very rough thumbnail sketch, which I painted up in Photoshop. It is © Chris Chuckry.

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Friday, 15 August 2008

Illustration Friday - Sail

I think I'm a little late in submitting this for the latest Illustration Friday challenge. I wanted to try something a little different from what I've been doing lately, and it took on a life of it's own. I'll call this a work in progress submission, since I do hope to polish it up a little more and add it to my portfolio.

This started as a rough pencil sketch, with painting in Photoshop.
It is © Chris Chuckry.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Dr. Octopus

"He's back, and he brought a friend!"

A fun interpretation of Doc Ock, or Dr. Octopus. A quick pencil sketch, painted in Photoshop. Dr. Octopus is © Marvel Comics.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Illustration Friday - "Poof!"

"Puff went 'Poof!' at the slightest provocation. It became a source of embarrassment on more than one occasion."

I'm very early on this piece for Illustration Friday. This cartoony puffer fish, started as a quick pencil sketch and was painted in Photoshop. © Chris Chuckry.