Saturday, 14 March 2015

Forest Spirit or Passages 2

Sometimes it takes quite awhile before a sketchbook idea gets worked up to a final piece. Months, maybe years go by before an idea demands more attention. I often wonder if my sketches are finished projects by themselves, but that's usually not the case. I use my sketchbooks to relax, to explore and to meditate--after a fashion. Although many sketches are destined to stay in the books, every so often I surprise myself with an image that captures my imagination and won't let go--even after a number of years.

This is one of those pieces. I did the initial sketch about five or six years ago, during a summer night at the cabin. The figure was based on an even older sketch. Looking at him now, I want to  revisit that older sketch and make some changes to this piece. Last summer I finally revised the sketch. I enlarged it, and created a line drawing with some tone on vellum. I worked on it during breaks from coloring comics. By late summer or early autumn I was ready to add color.

The results were encouraging, although I do need to refine some areas and finish the figure. I found that working on this piece created its own momentum. The more I did the more I wanted to do, and the more time I made for doing it. I keep my sketchbooks handy and review them, like a journal. With the benefit of time, it's easy to see which pieces still capture my attention and demand more of it.

These are the steps, from initial rough, to line art and color.

Thanks for looking!
© Chris Chuckry

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