Sunday, 12 December 2010

Snowed under with Love

Something a little more seasonal--finally! Wherever you are and whoever you're with, I hope you are snowed under with love this holiday season, and that you've got enough to spread around.

This was a little thumbnail done in my small moleskine sketchbook, while I was waiting to pick up my youngest son from Kindergarten. I try to carry a small sketchbook with me always, since I never know when I'm going to have time to draw. I can't recall the exact inspiration for this piece, although I have been thinking of owls, and it has been snowing a lot here.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays!

© Chris Chuckry

1 comment:

greg oakes said...

it's adorable!!! :) word
verification: shatio
when a groundhog sees his 'shatio',...six more weeks of winter!!! ;) lol... what if an owl sees its shatio!? ahem, shadow that is! :P what then!?! :/