Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Heavy - Reworked

I'm starting to go through my illustration files in order to choose pieces for a proper portfolio website. I enjoy doing the blog and will continue to do so. However, I do need a focused digital portfolio. So, I'm evaluating my work and reworking some of it, like this piece, originally done for Illustration Friday.

I was happy with the concept of this piece but felt that the execution was too clean, with a soft digital feel. To better communicate the feelings of struggle and exhaustion/breakdown, I added a rough watercolor texture to give it a more interesting traditional feel and break it up a little. I like this piece as an editorial-type spot illustration, so I think it will make the cut for the new portfolio site.

The process of this piece follows the path of much of my other illustration--a pencil sketch, finished in Photoshop with color and overlaid textures.

Thanks for stopping by.

Image is © Chris Chuckry

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