Monday, 5 July 2010

"I Used To Be A Pistol"

Here is an illustration from a project I'm working on-- creating a couple of dozen spot illustrations for a Psychology e-Book. Each illustration hints at a problem that someone brings to a Psychologist for discussion and therapy. I'm approaching most of these pieces with a whimsical, humorous attitude, instead of a more serious interpretation of the issue. I really enjoy doing spot illustrations like this, where you have to communicate a complex issue with a single illustration. It's like solving a visual puzzle, or writing poetry, instead of a short story. The challenge is to express the idea in a concise, clever and entertaining fashion.

This first piece has a playful Sheriff wishing for a younger pistol. Hopefully, the idea is evident--if not, you will have to read the book! I'll post more pieces as a finish them, and more information as the book comes together.

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