Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Artorder Muse Challenge

Here's my submission for the "Muse" Challenge, over at the Artorder blog run by John Schindehette, a Senior Art Director of Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards of the Coast. His blog is great reading, and offers up a wealth of useful information for artists. Every now and again he runs "challenges" for readers. The "Muse" Challenge was run with Veronika Kotlajic, and supports Discovery Arts, an organization that promotes art, and supports children with cancer.

This is only my second challenge, since I've been following Artorder. I've usually been too busy to take part. My challenge with this piece was to get it mostly finished by the deadline--tougher than it sounds, as I had to fit it around my work schedule. As a result, the last hour or so, of many work days was spent on this piece. Photographs provided by Veronika were used as inspiration for the piece, so she is definitely the Muse here. In one of her photos, she wears a feather coat, so I ran with that, settling on a bird amongst the cats angle.

I'm happy with the direction the piece is going, but it does need more work before I feel it is finished.

Thanks for stopping by.

This illustration is © Chris Chuckry

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