Saturday, 30 January 2010

My absence explained.

I just  had too much cake over the holidays.

Actually, I've just been catching up on some rush comic book work, and didn't feel that I had anything worth posting here. Until I remembered Snorlax. This Pokemon character is for a birthday card, of a Pokemon obsessed boy in my son's class. I picked a Snorlax because the name reminds me of a possible Dr. Suess creation.

Back in the 1990's when Pokemon first became popular, I thought about doing up some sample illustrations in an attempt to get licensed illustration work. I never got around to doing up the samples. Seems there was always something else to do, or maybe I just wasn't as interested in Pokemon as I needed to be. Turns out I just needed to have kids.

Thanks for stopping by.

Snorlax and Pokemon are © Nintendo.

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