Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Illustration Friday - Primitive

Something a little different this time around--traditional media! This is a quick sketch of a Navaho, "Haschebaad," mask. I used a picture from the book "Hidden Faces," by Edward S. Curtis, and Christopher Cardozo (Bulfinch Press), as reference. It's got a lot of great photos of Native American masks, and nice little descriptions of each one. This one represents a benevolent goddess.

I did it on 9"x12" 80 lb. Strathmore, Gray Scale textured paper, with a Pentel brush pen, a large black marker, 6B pencil, white charcoal, and a paper stump. About 30 minutes, or so.


Vhrsti said...


Isabelle said...

I love it, I love Edward Curtis's work. Great result for a minimal time commitment, impressive!

van dyke said...

Nice job! Love the looseness of the lines. Great!