Friday, 28 March 2008

Tim Boo Ba!

Another old Marvel Comics monster, from Amazing Fantasy #9. Tim Boo Ba! He was an evil, war mongering, ruthless dictactor. He was the mightiest warlord of them all, and mercy was unknown to him! Too bad he was microscopic in size, and lived on a scale model planet in a pre-teen boy's room. His world was washed away by a careless drop of water, by Tom, the boy's brother.

Tim Boo Ba was originally drawn by Steve Ditko. I've been doing these monster sketches during afternoon breaks from coloring comics. Usually, they coincide with periods of low energy, on my part, hence the break from work. Unfortunately, Tim Boo Ba fell victim to my tired state. I gussied him up in Photoshop, but still failed to fully capture his terrible awesomeness.

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